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John Koehler

Founder & publisher, Koehler Books

Title Verso have made our publishing house (and our staff) much better. It used to take 3-4 of our staff 4-5 days a quarter just to collate the sales data by hand. Now Title Verso does it automatically which vastly improves quality, reduces errors, and frees up our staff to work on our books.

The reports are superb and our authors love them. The Author Nexus is an added bonus that allows our authors to get a snapshot of their sales situation. This means that they bother the publisher much less!

Title Verso and Author Nexus are most excellent and we recommend them to all publishing houses.

April O'Leary

Founder, O'Leary Publishing

Title Verso has been a lifesaver! Our royalty reporting was getting more and more complicated as we published more and more titles. We dreaded the monthly cycle of reports and collecting them and deciphering them. The time it was taking was growing as was the color-coded spreadsheet. It was foreseeable that soon it would be too much to handle. Thank goodness we got word of Title Verso. From the very start, Andy helped us to import all of our historical data and set up each title with the various formats.

Now our monthly royalty calculations and reporting only takes minutes and adding new titles is simple too. Our authors have their own Author Nexus dashboard so they can log in and check on their sales. We love that it is branded with our company logo and they can access it from our website. We are so happy we found Title Verso and grateful we have simplified our business and know that our royalty calculations are accurate and timely.

We are happy to report the spreadsheet in safely the garbage. Thanks, Andy for making our transition to Title Verso easy! We appreciate you.

Sam Uhl

Mountain Page Press

Title Verso and the author-centric Author Nexus have been the answer to our publishing prayers. The easily navigable and beautiful interface, the personal training for publishers, and reducing author questions to us to... well, none because of the equally pleasant view of orders and royalty summary through the Author Nexus, we will never use another royalties management system. We highly recommend them!

Emily Hitchcock

Columbus Publishing Lab

Working with Alice and Andy at Title Verso has had a huge positive impact on my company. Prior to working with their royalty management software, my team and I were spending an inordinate amount of time each quarter on royalties. The Title Verso system has saved us countless hours, and it helps us to better serve our authors. I shopped around extensively prior to working with the folks at Title Verso, and their rates are highly competitive.

The customer service at Title Verso is exceptional. Andy took extra care to ensure we understood the ins and outs of the Title Verso system, and he continues to provide support whenever we need it. I recommend Title Verso for any publisher, big or small, who has royalty management needs.

Daniel Charles Ross

Force Poseidon

Force Poseidon is a new small but rapidly growing book publisher, and we must leverage our time and other resources for maximum return on the effort. We needed professional and reliable sales and revenue reporting, and it had to be simple, dependable, and time-efficient. Title Verso was the absolute solution to all our needs.

Our authors have increased confidence that their sales are being correctly monitored and reported. We have immediate insight to the latest revenue streams and can see where additional marketing muscle might be applied to improve sales. And the Title Verso principals are just the nicest people, always calm, cool, and collected when word people pepper them with questions about numbers that they must have heard many times.

In our business, a five-star rating is the Holy Grail—and Title Verso gets all five stars from us. They are strongly and unequivocally recommended.

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